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November 12, 2012

Precious Paris Fires Back At Slim

”U Mad Cuz I’m Lyrically/Musically More Talented?”
12:00PM ET November 12th, 2012
Contributor : Erica Moore
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Precious Paris Fires Back At Slim

Precious Paris didn’t wait long before replying to former Aftermath rapper Slim the Mobster. The G-Unit femcee fired back after Slim, in an ongoing Twitter feud with 50 Cent, made some comments about Paris’ looks; comparing her to trans-gendered person.

“It be dem same lames dat press to f*cc every time their in my presence. U mad cuz I’m lyrically/musically more talented? Say DAT! #Facts,” she tweeted. “How u got so many followers and nobody RT’n you??? (Scratches Head) That’s SUS! U too corny to “@”. I’m done!”

“I’m f*ccin flattered but I run wit trucc loads of young n***az that have nothing to live for. Grandpa,” she continued. “@SrLuisGuilherme lmaoo it’s all good baby. I think his lips are covering his eye lids.”

“Like @50cent said… “You can’t F*CC wit him…can’t even f*cc wit his B*TCH”!!!” she added.

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